Outfit Of The Week 11/12/23 – 11/18/23

This is going to be a short one.

This is the outfit I WOULD HAVE worn into the office had I not gotten freakin’ Covid earlier in the week!

I was looking forward to showcasing this outfit since it’s a bit more “dressed up” than the past two entries in this series. Also, it’s another excellent example of the perfect business-casual uniform.

So, even though I’m all feverish and achy, I still managed to make myself look presentable.

Let’s start with the sport coat.

This is a brown, houndstooth, tweed with a subtle burgundy overcheck from Charles Tyrwhitt purchased back in 2016. I really like this jacket. It’s very thick and soft and makes for a wonderful travel/airplane jacket. I just wish it were fully lined instead of partially lined.

The pocket square I chose is a lovely green, orange, and red piece from Poszetka. I own a number of their ties and pocket squares and their products are first rate and quite affordable.

My sweater, shirt, and chinos are all from Lands’ End. The sweater is burgundy cashmere and was a gift from my in-laws last Christmas. The shirt is a blue Hyde Park model (RIP). The chinos are their run-of-the-mill non-iron chinos. I appreciate the fact that you can get exact inseam measurements to the fraction of an inch.

My shoes are my Beckett Simonon Dunham Derbies.

I wrote a review of these some time ago. They are excellent all-around shoes. I especially like the thin rubber sole. Give me a rubber sole over a leather sole any day.

To top it all off, I wore my grey, herringbone, tweed cap (another stellar gift from my in-laws).

Now I am tired from all this “typing while sitting upright” stuff, so I am going to go rest.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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