The goal of Father Style is to help men use style as a means of being a more effective dad. FS differs from other men’s clothing sites in that our advice is targeted towards fathers, specifically.

Through our content we cover why it’s important for dads to dress well and how to do it. Our site is a guide for comfortable, affordable, and above all else, practical clothes for tackling the adventures of fatherhood.

You’re a great dad. Dress like it.


We chose to use the word “father” instead of any variation of the word “dad” for two reasons.

One, “father” connotes a level of respect, reverence, and wisdom. We use terms like “father figure”, not “dad figure”. “Fatherhood”, not “dadhood”.

Two, we wanted to make sure you, our readers, knew that this is not a “dad style” site. By that, we mean that we are not offering guidance with a wink towards ironic street wear styles suggesting the 80s and 90s. Looking like a respectable dad isn’t a “look”. It’s not a swing of the fashion pendulum. We won’t be touting the latest drops from Balenciaga and Prada. We won’t encourage you to buy chunky New Balance sneakers and cotton ball caps simply because they were all the rage at Pitti. This is a site where you can find practical style advice for dads.


Richard Connelly is a father of two incredible boys and a husband to the greatest woman in the world.

He grew up in a suburb of NYC and still lives in the Northeast. He has a liberal arts degree he is still paying off.

Richard started FS because he realized that there were hardly any father-centric style guides on the internet. Most men’s sites have a token “Style Guide For Dads” article or two but none dealt primarily with the day to day style challenges fathers face and the advice in those articles rarely delved much deeper than “put on a sport coat!” Also, much of the “dad style” guidance or inspiration on the web features goofy or ironic clothing that is not practical for many men.

Richard hopes that sharing his insights into the world of menswear has a positive impact on his readers and their children.