Outfit Of The Week 1/28/24 – 2/3/24

The outfit I want to showcase in this week’s edition of “OOTW” is a suit I wore to dinner with my wife to celebrate our anniversary, which was a couple weeks ago.

We went to our favorite restaurant in our old neighborhood in New York City. We had an enormous Italian dinner and had an all-around stellar evening.

I was particularly excited about my outfit because I had never worn this suit out in public before despite having it for a few years. My wife had given it to me as a gift during the pandemic and I only got it tailored last year.

The suit is a navy, pinstripe, double-breasted suit from Brooks Brothers. This suit is a little trimmer than some of my other garments, as you can see in the trousers, but it’s still in-proportion and flattering. Some people get all bent out of shape when not all of their clothes are the same exact cut, but I like the variety of having some stuff cut a bit fuller and some stuff cut a bit trimmer. It changes things up and keeps things interesting.

As long as the cut isn’t too extreme one way or the other, a suit will look good over time whether it’s full or a little slim.

My shirt was a white, French-cuff, spread collar shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt. My cufflinks were the sterling silver links with my initials I wore on my wedding day.

My tie was also from Charles Tyrwhitt. It was deep burgundy with a little texture.

My shoes were black, cap-toe oxfords.

My overcoat and hat were the same ones featured in last week’s article. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of them over this suit.

A lovely evening, indeed, and I am happy I was able to, at least, match a fraction of the elegance of my wife. And want to know something funny? As we were leaving the restaurant, an older woman chased us down specifically to compliment us on how nice we looked and to thank us for getting dressed up for dinner! It was a really thoughtful gesture.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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