Outfit Of The Week 2/18/24 – 2/24/24

As promised, this week’s edition of “OOTW” focuses on what I wore last week for Valentine’s Day.

In my article about not spending all of Christmas Day in your pajamas, I wrote about how there are certain days on the calendar in which you, as a good husband and father, need to get dressed up. Unfortunately, while writing that article I completely forgot that Valentine’s Day should definitely be on the list!

Well, consider this a correction of that article.

Last week, I wrote about how this year my wife and I had a bit of an unconventional V-Day gift-giving. Another unconventional aspect of the day was that I was out of town for the majority of the day, returning to the house sometime around 10:30pm! That meant that our normal Valentine’s Day celebration needed to wait until the following day.

Another article I wrote recently was about how it’s important to get creative with date nights. For V-Day my wife and I put the boys to bed relatively early and then we had a nice, candlelit dinner and drank champagne. My wife wore a lovely red dress.

Here is what I wore…

The main player in this outfit was the light purple, polka-dot bow tie. I used to wear bow ties all the time, but in recent years I have preferred regular long ties. However, for festive occasions, or occasions in which you don’t need to take yourself too seriously, bow ties are fun and eye-catching. I wrote an article some time ago on when you should wear a bow tie versus a regular tie.

The jacket I wore was a double-breasted, navy blazer from Charles Tyrwhitt. This jacket cuts a pretty severe profile, with its very structured shoulders, so I wear this jacket when I want to look fairly formal. It would look silly if I tried to “dress down” this jacket.

The only problem with it is that lint tends to stick to it pretty easily. If I wear it out in public I usually give it a once-over with a lint roller, but I didn’t have the inclination since I was wearing it at home under low light (except for when the picture was taken, of course).

The shirt I wore was a pale blue, spread collar, non-iron shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt. I like to keep this shirt folded in my closet so that I can bust it out quickly if needed. Since it’s non-iron, I don’t need to iron it every time I wear it and that convenience makes it quicker and easier to get dressed up while at home.

The pants were a pair of light grey, wool trousers with a very subtle herringbone pattern from Men’s Wearhouse.

My shoes were burgundy Bass Weejuns. Since I was just relaxing at home, I didn’t feel like tying proper shoes, so even though the loafers felt a little informal with the rest of my outfit, I decided the incongruity didn’t bother me too much.

I hope you all had a pleasant Valentine’s Day, as well!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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