Outfit Of The Week 5/26/24 – 6/1/24

The outfit I am highlighting for this week’s “OOTW” is one I wore over the Memorial Day weekend.

The weather was beautiful in my neck of the woods for the holiday weekend and my wife and I decided to take the boys to a petting zoo, then out to lunch, and then on a hike at a local mountain.

The plans came together rather quickly and since we were at my in-laws house, I only had a limited selection of clothes with which to work.

I wrote an article some time ago about how you don’t need “high-performance” clothes and I feel like this particular outfit shows why. Even though the day was hot and buggy and even though we were very active for the entirety of the day, I was totally fine in just a cotton polo, a pair of worn jeans, a hat, and some boots.

I didn’t need any of that moisture-wicking, quick-drying, “tactical” stretch fabric. I didn’t need my pants to convert into shorts and back again. I didn’t need special SPF protection from my shirt (although I did apply a copious amount of sunblock).

All I needed was a wide-brimmed hat, a shirt with a collar I could turn up to block out the sun, and a sturdy pair of boots.

I once read a blog post (from Huckberry, I think) from a guy who was teasing himself for going hiking in jeans one time. I thought, what’s wrong with hiking in jeans?

My point with all this is that sometimes we get too bogged down in getting the clothes “right” that we forget to just walk out the door and enjoy the day. It’s like when my sons have five more minutes to play before bedtime and waste all that time searching for a specific toy. Just enjoy the time!

Anyway, the day was lovely and I thankfully didn’t get too many bug bites.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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