Outfit Of The Week 6/2/24 – 6/8/24

The outfit I want to highlight for this week’s edition of “OOTW” is one I wore this past weekend for a nice day out with the family.

My mother’s birthday was last week so my sister and I took her out to lunch. My wife and our boys came with us and we decided to bring them to a dinosaur exhibit beforehand to get some of their energy out, considering it was a long drive to where my mother lives.

After the museum and lunch, we went to a local aquarium and THEN we went to an arcade, since it happened to be right next to the aquarium.

I was shocked that both boys (and I) stayed conscious on the ride home at around 5pm.

For my outfit that day, I wanted something that wouldn’t be too hot, since it was about 80 degrees outside, but I also wanted some sort of layering piece since I knew we would be inside for most of the day. The layering piece couldn’t be too heavy, since I didn’t want to take it on and off, and it also needed ample pockets (I always like to have lots of pockets when out with the kids to hold things like tissues, snacks, and little toys).

I opted for a simple, navy polo shirt under a canvas, olive-green, chore coat.

This chore coat is from Wellen and I bought it through Huckberry about five years ago. The fit isn’t super boxy, which I like, since I’m usually not layering it over more than a thin shirt. The material is fairly soft for cotton canvas and has only softened over time (I’ve never washed it). The canvas is still plenty tough, despite its softness.

One of the things I like most about this chore coat is its lightness. Because of how light it is, I find it’s much more practical than a denim jacket. It’s perfect for days like this one where I didn’t want to feel like I was wearing a jacket.

The other thing I like about this chore coat is the amount of pockets it boasts. It really is a load-bearing garment with two large hip pockets, one outer breast pocket, and one inner pocket (which keeps my phone very secure). This is my go-to “outing with the kids in warm weather” jacket.

Down below, I wore a regular pair of blue jeans. I knew we would be walking a bit so I opted for a comfortable pair of boots over something like boat shoes, despite the heat.

To top it all off, I wore my checked, linen cap.

All in all, I felt it was a mostly successful outfit. I say “mostly” because looking back on the pictures reminds me of why I enjoy wearing shirts with robust collars, like OCBDs, so much.

The open neck and flaccid collar of the polo shirt, combined with the equally floppy collar of the chore coat made my neck look strangely long (see the first picture in the article). I think the illusion is enhanced by the addition of the cap. To mitigate this effect in the future, I think I could either button one of the buttons of my collar or turn up the collar of the chore coat to break up that visual space.

Overall, the day was hugely enjoyable and I think everyone had a ball.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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