3 Reasons You Should Wear Double-Breasted Jackets / Suits

Like most men, the majority of my sport coats, odd jackets, blazers, and suits are single-breasted. I only have one blazer and one suit that are double-breasted. I imagine that’s pretty common. I also imagine that many of you don’t own many double-breasted jackets, either.

This article is meant to convince you that your next jacket or suit purchase should be double-breasted.

Whenever I wear one of my double-breasted jackets, I am always surprised at how much I like them.

Here are the three reasons you should wear double-breasted jackets more often…

#1 – They are practical.

What I love about double-breasted jackets, above all else, is how practical they are!

In a single-breasted jacket, a necktie is always flapping around since the jacket is never buttoned 100% of the time. This can get irritating if you’re a dad and trying to wrangle your children. I know, for me, I’d rather not have things dangling onto the floor when I am helping put on shoes, or cleaning scraped knees, or brushing off dusty pants.

Thankfully, with a double-breasted jacket, your tie is always in one spot. It will never accidentally dip into your coffee (which has happened to me). And since your jacket is always buttoned, you don’t have to worry about the length of your tie blades. Even if they are terribly uneven, just make sure the knot looks good and be on your way. This saves valuable time when you’re getting ready and frees you up to get the kids ready and out the door on time.

Another nice thing about the double-breasted jacket is that the sides and quarters are always hugging close to your body since the jacket is almost always buttoned. With a double-breasted jacket, unlike the single-breasted variety, there is never any excess stuff flailing about to get in your way. It’s all neatly contained.

Because of this, I find double-breasted jackets allow for greater ease of movement. Since your jacket is always covering your waistline, you can move about more easily without worrying about whether or not your shirt is coming untucked or your pants are slipping down a little. No one can see these things happening thanks to your jacket. This means that even at the end of the day you’re not going to look disheveled.

Basically, a double-breasted jacket is a “set-it-and-forget-it” jacket. With a DB you’ll always look put-together.

#2 – They make you look more masculine.

Any suit jacket or sport coat is going to make you look more masculine, but a double-breasted style does it the best.

Most single-breasted jackets have a notch lapel. Double-breasted jackets, on the other hand, have peak lapels. This subtle difference does wonders for the appearance of a man’s chest and shoulders.

While it’s true that any jacket accentuates the appearance of a man’s V-shaped torso (or creates the illusion of one) due to its structured shoulders and lapel, the double-breasted jacket’s peak lapels literally direct the eye up and out.

It’s impossible to look out of shape while wearing a double-breasted suit.

You’ll have the jacket buttoned up pretty much all the time, which means you’ll never have that slouchy, open-jacket, hands-in-pockets thing going on which actually ADDS visual heft to your midsection, instead of reducing it, which is what a jacket is supposed to do.

And, at the risk of really flogging this poor, dead horse, the always-buttoned jacket makes you look taller since there is no visual disruption as the eyes travel up and down the body, as there would be with an unbuttoned single-breasted jacket.

Lastly, a DB improves the physique of almost any man. If you’re skinny, a DB jacket will appear to add weight to your frame.

Take a look at Jimmy Stewart. He was about 6’4” and, at most, 140 pounds. He looks positively strapping in his double-breasted suit.

On the other hand, if you’re a big man, a DB will hide your belly and provide the aforementioned broadening of your shoulders.

So, keep that DB jacket buttoned at all times! Very few men look good with an unbuttoned double-breasted jacket and leaving it unbuttoned undoes all the benefits we just discussed.

#3 – They are a little unusual (which is a good thing).

If you have an important meeting or interview, proceed with caution when it comes to wearing a double-breasted suit. While not as eye-catching or whimsical as, say, a bow-tie, a double-breasted jacket is juuust unusual enough, in this day and age, to draw a bit of attention. It’s up to you whether or not the situation you are in calls for it.

That being said, since a double-breasted jacket or suit deviates slightly from the norm, it is a perfect choice if you are looking to stand out ever-so-slightly.

Want to draw some looks while out at the bar after work, or impress your cute coworker?

How about reminding your wife that you are a confident, capable man who knows how to dress to impress?

A double-breasted jacket is the man’s equivalent of the little black dress and heels. It’s a classic choice that never goes out of style and accentuates all the qualities that make us uniquely male.

If all the other men are in regular suits, you will stand out in your double-breasted suit and immediately appear more stylish, just given the fact that the double-breasted suit is rarely done.

If you’re ambivalent regarding double-breasted jackets and suits, I urge you to give them an honest try.

Given how practical, flattering, and off-the-beaten path they are, I promise you’ll become a DB convert!

And if you don’t agree, you can just get out!

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