Outfit Of The Week 1/14/24 – 1/20/24

This week’s edition of “OOTW” showcases what I wore on my anniversary!

My wife and I have been married nine wonderful years. To celebrate, we had a little party after the kids had gone to bed.

I wrote last week about how it’s important to hold on to the things that make you “you” even after you have children. For my wife and me, that means continuing to enjoy good food and drink together even if it means we stay home instead of going out to a fancy restaurant.

I also wrote in my Christmas article that there are certain days in which it is imperative that you, as a good husband and father, get dressed up. Your wedding anniversary is one of those days.

The night of my anniversary, I wore a dark navy suit from Charles Tyrwhitt. I like the end-on-end weave of the yarns, which gives a subtle visual texture. End-on-end means that the dark threads are woven together with lighter threads. It’s evident up close, but from far away it just looks like a dark suit. It’s still perfectly acceptable in formal situations, like an interview, but it’s just slightly more interesting, visually.

You can see below how in different lighting the suit can look either patterned or totally solid.

My shirt was also from Charles Tyrwhitt. CT always does crazy discounts so don’t ever buy their stuff full-price. They intentionally jack up their prices early in the season (either January or August) just so that they can offer huge discounts later, so the high initial prices are essentially a ruse.

The shirt is an oxford weave shirt with a moderate spread collar. I could stand for the points to be a little longer, but it’s not a deal breaker here. The pattern on the shirt was staid enough to stand alongside the suit and the tie.

The tie was another Tyrwhitt buy. I know they are known as a low-cost menswear company, so their reputation isn’t stellar among menswear afficionados, but their ties are quite good. With this tie, I felt that the small pin-dot pattern looked nice against the stripes of the shirt.

Holding up my trousers were a pair of black, Brooks Brothers suspenders. My watch was my 42mm, silver dial Bulova on a black leather strap. My socks were a pair of black, knee-high Gold Toes.

For my shoes, I went with a somewhat unconventional choice: Bass Weejun penny loafers. The reason I chose these somewhat casual loafers instead of a pair of black lace-ups is simple. I didn’t feel like tying them! Honestly, having a pair of nice, slip-on shoes is a great way to dip your toe (literally) into dressing nicely at home. Tying a proper pair of shoes might feel a little odd if you’re just bumming around the house, but sliding into a pair of loafers isn’t all that dissimilar from just putting on your slippers.

My wife and I shared a bottle of the wine we drank on our wedding and looked through our wedding album. Truly, a lovely night!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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