Wool Shirts And Wood Chips: A Father Style Wood Chopping Tutorial

Today, instead of a regular post, I would like to try something different with a video tutorial of how to chop wood. I will also highlight exactly what I am wearing and why.

For a little over two months, I have been heavily involved in chopping wood. Some of you have probably seen a couple photos on my Instagram (@father.style) and many others probably remember me mentioning it in at least one of my “OOTW” articles.

Now, chopping is different from splitting. Splitting requires a heavier, wider bladed axe than chopping. Chopping is when you need to get the wood ready for splitting. What I’m doing in this video is called “sectioning”. That’s when the tree is already down and you need to chop it up into pieces that you can then split into firewood.

I like chopping more than splitting because I find it more fun and better exercise.

And WOW what great exercise it is! I have completely transformed my body in two months! My arms and shoulders are bigger and my waist is smaller. It’s unbelievable!

What I like so much about chopping for exercise is that it doesn’t FEEL like exercise in my mind. Whenever I start a conventional exercise routine, there is always so much other stuff around it. I have to hit certain numbers. If I don’t hit those numbers I’m going to be pissed at myself. In order to hit those numbers, I need to make sure I don’t eat too much right before. I need to make sure I get the exact right amount of sleep. Where are my sneakers? Do I have clean gym socks? And so on and so forth.

With wood chopping, I just go outside for thirty minutes to an hour and swing my axe. I don’t have any numbers I need to achieve. I just enjoy the brisk, winter air, admire the scenery, and have some fun for a bit. It feels like an approachable, manageable form of exercise that can fit more seamlessly into my day than a traditional workout plan.

Also, chopping wood is FUN! It’s important to show your children that exercise is enjoyable. There have been studies that have shown that it’s the FATHER’S level of fitness that ultimately determines the child’s level of fitness later in life. So, find a workout routine that works for you and show your kids how much you like doing it.

I hope you enjoy it!

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